Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Mariano is the last person who'll wear Jackie Robinson's #42

"Jackie Robinson would have been 88 years old today.

Wonder what he would have thought.
He'd probably be happy and surprised to see the Red Sox hosting their fifth annual celebration of his life today at Fenway Park. And I bet he'd be proud to see Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith as head coaches in Sunday's Super Bowl." From article by Dan Shaughnessy, Boston Globe, 1/31/07

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Willie Randolph signs extension with Mets--acknowledges 3 Champs he knew on the way: "JETER, BERNIE, and MARIANO"

From Willie Randolph's press conference Jan. 25, 2007:

"My satisfaction comes from being around great young talent," he said, mentioning key players who led the Yanks to a string of championships while he served as third base coach under manager Joe Torre.
  • "(Derek) Jeter, Bernie (Williams) and Mariano (Rivera).
"Now I have a chance to do this with my own team."
Mets general manager Omar Minaya said: "I like to have winners associated with me.
  • "His experience of winning in the past showed in the playoffs. There's no doubt.
  • "Winners usually don't panic. Winners take a chance."
Randolph had to juggle his starting pitching rotation after late-season injuries and used young starters in high-pressure situations with his strong bullpen ready to back them up.
"When you go into a game and you pull your starting pitcher in the third or fourth inning of a game, that's taking a chance," Minaya said with admiration.
(This from the article in the UK Guardian, 1/26/07).



"For arguments sake, Mariano Rivera is to the Yankees what Adam Vinatieri was to the Patriots - the closer."
"Rivera's the guy you want on the mound to get the last three outs of a big game. Vinatieri was the guy you wanted on the field to get the last three points of a big game.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


The Miracle of Mo--Canton, Ohio high schoolers channel Mo through their basketball hero

"South still was threatening with four minutes left, down by just 6. Like Mariano Rivera out of the bullpen, Coblentz slammed the door."
P.S. Sheldon Ocker, apparently you lost big-time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Yet another, "Vinatieri, the MARIANO RIVERA OF FOOTBALL..."

"Vinatieri, the Mariano Rivera of football, will be wearing a helmet with a horseshoe on Sunday."

Thursday, January 18, 2007



"He is the Mariano Rivera of pro football and gives Manning and his coach the same peace of mind the New York Yankees phenomenal reliever provides to manager Joe Torre. Vinatieri has 19 career game-winning kicks and owns a postseason-record 34 field goals, breaking the record of 32 held by Gary Anderson."
Now that dynamic is altered. Vinatieri was not only the biggest difference-maker for these Colts, scoring all their points against the Ravens,
From USA Today article by Jim Corbett, "Money Well Spent, VINATIERI GIVES COLTS NEW DYNAMIC AS POST SEASON THREAT," 1/18/07


Now Mariano's standard compared with world's best poker players

"Like a hot goalie in the NHL playoffs, or having to bat against Mariano Rivera in the World Series… none of the pros wanted to battle with Fricke, especially with the best hand…
Article from Poker News by Dr. Pauly McGuire, Jan. 17, 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007



"Vinatieri is the Mariano Rivera of football; when he lines up a kick you know he'll get the job done,
Statement by Mike Maniscalco, 1/17/07, and Sportsradio 910,WRNL, from the paragraph:

"Adam Vinatieri might be the most important player in NFL history. *
(*This recalls Mike Lupica's statement in 2006, "Mariano Rivera is the greatest money athlete of all time." from the NY Daily News, posted on one of my other sites, XM MLB Chat)

Monday, January 15, 2007


The Universal Mo--this time compared to a National Wrestling Champ!

CEDAR FALLS, IOWA - "Think the Yankees' Mariano Rivera is a great closer?
He's got nothing on Cole Konrad.For the second consecutive year, Konrad posted a walk-off pin, giving the Gophers the championship of the National Wrestling Coaches Association/Cliff Keen National Duals. Konrad, the defending NCAA heavyweight champion, pinned Missouri's Tyler Perry in 2 minutes, 13 seconds, rallying the No. 2-ranked Gophers from a two-point deficit to a 20-16 victory over the No. 1 Tigers on Sunday."

Thursday, January 11, 2007


International contests to honor heroes also honors Mariano Rivera & Willie Randolph

A fundraiser for World Police & Fire Olympic Games will honor Mariano Rivera and Willie Randolph. From the NY Daily News, 1/11/07

"It's called the World Police & Fire Games, with 18,000 athletes from law enforcement and fire services from 70 countries descending on New York City from Aug. 26 to Sept. 5, 2011, for a 10-day battle of the badges involving thousands of events in 65 categories, including 40 Olympic sports like boxing, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, golf and baseball, in venues across all five boroughs.

There will be a fund-raiser Thursday, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center, and although the games won't be held until 2011, the clock already is ticking loudly on an event this massive.

"We're getting some corporate sponsorship," says Carney. "And lots of in-kind help from state and city government and from various sports organizations. But we're clearly looking for a generous philanthropist, or a few angels, to sponsor these games."

The first responders who always come to the rescue now need our help.

For tickets to the fund-raiser, call (646) 291-6657, ext. 123, or visit Send contributions to WPFG, 45-56 171 Pl., Flushing, NY 11358."

Originally published on January 11, 2007

Monday, January 08, 2007


Red Sox writer says Mo is standard for all time

"Nonetheless, whatever the Yankees have lost to the Red Sox in the starting rotation, they may have gained in the bullpen. Papelbon leaves the Sox without anyone to match up
Words of Tony Massarotti, Boston Herald, 1/7/07

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Super Bowl winning QB channels Mariano Rivera for winning--1/7/07

Former Washington Redskins QB Doug Williams advises back-up QB's coming in late in HIGH STAKES GAMES to emulate Mariano:

From Chicago Sun-Times article by Neil Hayes, 1/7/07

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Patriots' writer channels Clutch Playoff kick via Mariano Rivera

FOXBORO--'At some point in the future, a man who isn't Mariano Rivera will stand before 55,000 people in the top of the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium and try to get three outs that secure a playoff victory. Failure to do so will persuade many New Yorkers to hate his guts.

Adam Vinatieri built that legacy on postseason kicks, making every one that counted, including three Super Bowl winners.
Patriots coach Bill Belichick said he isn't going to steer those vital opportunities away from Gostkowski's foot.
"I have confidence in him," Belichick said. "So I think if I sent him out there to do the job, he's going to do it. ... Whatever the situation is that we would want to kick in, I have confidence that he would kick well, kickoff, kick field goals, whatever his assignment would be. I think he is a player that can do what we are going to ask him to do, or I wouldn't put him out there."' article by David Brown, Standard-Times, from, 1/6/07

Friday, January 05, 2007


SabrMatt, 1/5/07--Mariano Rivera--in 1996, "UNRIVALED IN THE HISTORY OF BASEBALL."

January 5, 2007: 12:34 pm: posted by : SABRMatt ....> <.... filed under: Mariners (general)

I'm going to make my final comments in this post, but I'll save the grand conclusions for the end. Let's turn our attention to the bulk of the bullpen. The overarcing problem as you'll quickly discover is that the Mariners don't presently have a replacement for Rafael Soriano or Mark Lowe, and so guys are being asked to do jobs they're not really capable of doing well."


SabrMatt writing about the Mariners' discusses their bullpen. He must be secure in his career, as he has the courage to speak the truth about Mo:


The happy place. Ah, joy. The Mariners produced a bonafide stud closer for the first time in club history in 2006 (no, Sasaki wasn't a stud)

I will caution Mariner fans however that it is very difficult (and statistically unlikely) for a closer to maintain Putz '06 performance two years in a row. A partial return to earth is probably in store for the kid this year. Even so, he'll compete for Rolaids Relief honors."

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What you don't know about game 7 of the 2001 World Series

Fire Joe Morgan has an entry 1/2/07 about the 7th game of the 2001 World Series, & how the
winning run scored. You've never heard this before because the major media blame Mo. It's so easy to do, because no one speaks up in Mo's defense, least of all the YES Network or any so-called Yankee blogs or even the supposed Mariano fan site. But Fire Joe Morgan happens to understand Mo (in spite of the fact that he's a Yankee), and they aren't too lazy to look at the facts, such as the following play by Scott Brosius (whom we all like, that's not the point):

Monday, January 01, 2007


The Universal Mo --Bob Brookover on the Eagles' win, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/31/06

The standard of "closing the door" not bound by any border, language, culture--or date on the calendar! Today, a sportswriter channels Mariano Rivera in describing the Philadelphia Eagles' win:

PHILADELPHIA - "Just as the paying customers anticipated, the NFC East title was hanging in the balance Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Financial Field.

What excitement, what drama, what a way to spend New Year's Eve.

From Bob Brookover's article, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 12/31/06, "Eagles Slip by Falcons, 24-17."

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