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Mo, Edwar, rain day in spring training

Top Mo, Edwar Ramirez and others chat on rain day in Tampa.
Bottom, Mo and Edwar crossing field in Tampa. both Noah K. Murray,
Star-Ledger, USpresswire

Saturday, February 20, 2010


"He is the greatest reliever in baseball history" -Buster Olney

and there is some silver working its way into his hair. Ten years ago, he said, no young players really asked him any questions, but now, he said with a laugh, it's like they gather in a circle around him like kids."

"Mariano Rivera has no plans to fade away with the NY Yankees," Buster Olney, ESPN, 2/20/10. photo 2/22/10 ap spring training

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Welcome back, Mo

photos 3 and 5 with Billy Connors. all 2/18/10 in Tampa, by ap

"The clock above the clubhouse door read 9:19 — of course the number nine was involved – when Mariano Rivera walked in from the hallway and began

It was presidential, maybe even regal, the way he greeted everyone between the door and his locker. When he sat down, Rivera spoke for about 10 minutes. He said he’s not worried about his contract, that he doesn’t mind waiting until the offseason to negotiate. He said he wants to keep pitching as long as he’s capable of his lofty standards, but he wants to walk away the moment he starts slipping.

For now, he just wants to get back to work. Rivera’s spring training always moves at a slower pace

and Rivera said he’s only tossed off flat ground this winter. He has yet to throw off a mound."...

Andy and Mo, 2/18, photo star-ledger, uspresswire

Joel Sherman, NY Post, 2/19/10:

You are watching the final chapters of someone described by... Andy Pettitte as

Mariano Rivera is 40, and by all logic that should mean the curtain is descending. But what is logic with Rivera? His age-39 season, after all, stands seamlessly with any of his best campaigns, and his best campaigns "make him the best closer ever," Jorge Posada said.

"The slower he throws, the more the ball moves," (Phil) Hughes said. "I really think he could pitch at 84 mph because the cutter will move 3 feet....

It is about longevity in a job known for its rise-and-fall, Gagne-esque brevity. It is about an unshakeable nature that enables him to flourish at the end -- of both games and seasons. Eight closers entered last postseason. Seven messed up. Rivera's team won a championship.

It is about how the Yankees have played tactically since Rivera's ascension,

But, again, this is about more than being the greatest closer, possibly the greatest postseason pitcher. He is humble, yet possibly the most self-confident player in the majors. He carries a regal flair without arrogance. He can be beaten, but never defeated.

He picks a different reliever to sit next to daily to play psychiatrist about yesterday's failure or pitching coach about today's challenges. "It is amazing," Hughes said. "He throws one pitch, yet knows everything about every pitch."

"He's in street clothes," Cashman said. "He is not asked to do it and no one else does do it, but him. You have to see it. It is E.F. Hutton stuff. When he talks, people listen."

He defines living legend and defies the clock. But that clock is ticking.

"NY Yankees fans should enjoy every pitch of Mariano Rivera's career, " NY Post, 2/19/10

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Mariano is Yanks most important piece as always-Athlon Sports

The Yankees are the last team to repeat as World Series champions, winning titles in 1998, 1999 and 2000. They are a threat to do it again, bringing back most of the same hitters and all three starting pitchers who carried them through the postseason last year.

said after the World Series that he hoped to pitch five more years. Rivera turned 40 in November, but he showed no signs of slipping last year. He was as coldly efficient as ever, converting 44 of 46 saves and staying strong for the postseason, when he carved up the Twins, Angels and Phillies.

As the former Angel Tim Salmon, the first player ever to get a hit off Rivera, marveled last summer, “It’s like he never even makes it interesting.” He meant it as a high compliment, that Rivera is so effective the outcome is rarely in doubt.

holding baseball in amazement year after dazzling year."

This feature appears in the 2010 Athlon Sports Baseball from Athlon Sports


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Warm up tosses July 14, 2007, #42 among those appearing

Monday, February 08, 2010


A-rod and Mo at collector fest

Jan. 30, 2010 at Steinerfest, via EverythingNYC,

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Rivera signs in Little Italy of the Bronx

at Mario's on Arthur Avenue in the "Little Italy of The Bronx" for a fund-raiser for underprivileged kids whose fathers are in jail,
Yankee reliever went in the kitchen to thank the crew and then "signed everything in sight" for regular customers. "This guy is a star on and off the field," Migliucci said."


02/07/2010 9:38 AM

The biggest sham is that Jeter gets all the credit for being a class act which in reality, he isn't. Jeter is rude and only looking to get laid. Mariano and Bernie are the two best examples of what a professional is on and off the field. Glad to see Mariano get his due all while Jeter is trying to hook up married Tiger Woods with hookers."...

Thursday, February 04, 2010


Team players don't blame someone else

came off the bench to try to spark a comeback for his team. In an unsettling retort to his coach's encouragement, Tom Brady said, "I gave it my best shot coach, but remember, I inherited that situation."

As he takes the ball from the manager,

These two scenarios seem unimaginable in the world of sports.

Any player with that attitude would be toxic to a team. And that kind of attitude would not be tolerated for an instant from any coach, teammate, or fan for that matter...they would be eliminated as soon as possible. (Contracts not withstanding)

After playing for a full year and no longer considered a rookie, it seems obvious that America has recruited a President who continues to exhibit these same toxic characteristics.

So with great hope and anticipation for a game changer, America gave the ball to Barack Obama

He reminded team America in the face of this great adversity...

"The President is No Team Player," American Thinker by Neil Braithwaite, 2/4/10



You know, closers like Mariano Rivera and ...

"Mariano Rivera doesn't count, because he is in a class by himself.
that any other reliever on earth
The man is inhuman, and mere mortals
Productive Outs and Crackerjack blog, 2/3/10

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