Saturday, January 29, 2011


About the bullpen in the new Yankee Stadium

1/24/11, "Yankee Stadium (New),
"Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera requested that the Yankees reposition the team’s bullpen, as well as add a door to connect the Yankees’ bullpen to Monument Park, in order to allow access to it by Yankee relievers. The organization complied with his request."...


Mo led the way to Boston's Latin Quarter when Yankees were in town

1/26/11, From, a letter about Boston's Latin Quarter neighborhood, Jamaica Plain:
A letter writer to "The Dig," BJ Ray, lamented the announcement of Whole Foods moving into Jamaica Plain. ...

"Known as Boston’s Latin Quarter, the area that extends from Hyde Square toward Jackson Square has been a place where a large portion of Boston’s Latino community and culture has thrived. There are few businesses along Centre Street where Spanish isn’t at least recognized. I tasted my first empanada in JP. I used to love that Pedro Martinez would come to UpMike’s Liquor in Hyde Square to get his Presidente lager. David Ortiz came to Hyde Square for his haircuts. Led by Mariano Rivera, many of the Latino members of the New York Yankees would always stop into to see Juan Reyes at Miami Restaurant


Wednesday, January 05, 2011


Mo's childhood home in Panama


Mo's childhood home in Puerto Caimito, Panama, a fishing village.
photo via silentparrot blog

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