Sunday, October 30, 2011


Rivera wasn't in the building for this World Series-Madden

10/29/11, "For all those disenfranchised Yankee fans this postseason, the specter of the Ranger relievers blowing the save three times in Game 6, was just
and what he meant to all those World Series championships."...

10/29/11, "In Texas Rangers vs. St. Louis Cardinals World Series, it's a field of screams," Bill Madden, NY Daily News

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In past 5 years 'only 2 relievers averaged more than 2 wins above replacement'-FanGraphs

10/25/11, "Over the last five years only two relievers have averaged more than two wins above replacement; one of them is the greatest closer of all time
the other is Jonathan Papelbon. This can be read two ways: 1) Relievers in general are not that valuable (and are often overpaid), and 2) relievers are volatile and struggle to stay significantly above replacement for an extended period."...
(Including the words 'regular season' regarding stats that are so wouldn't take much extra work and would end the relegation of a massive body of work to the trash heap. ed.)

Monday, October 24, 2011


Yankees offered Mariano Rivera to Montreal Expos for Pedro Martinez-Keri

10/24/11, "Jonah Keri is writing a book about the Montreal Expos, and he has a nugget that is quite interesting. Before the Expos accepted an offer from the Red Sox for Pedro Martinez the Yankees offered Mariano Rivera for the flame throwing righty. Wow."
Pedro Martinez B-R, Mariano Rivera B-R


Yankees final out in 2009 World Series shown as it happened in Times Square


Recorded live in Times Square, New York City, 11/4/09, Rivera seen briefly on giant screen in Times Square. Mariano pitched 16 innings over 12 games in that post season.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Mariano Rivera surprise appearance at Yale-New Haven championship game on Sunday

10/18/11, "Elis claim Elm City crown," Yale Daily News, Charles Condro

"Cincinnati Reds’ scout Donald Titus said he likes to watch Yale play because the team has a history of producing good pitchers. But on their way to repeating as City Series champions, the Bulldogs produced on both sides of the ball.

Not even a surprise appearance from New York Yankees all-star closer Mariano Rivera could steal the show from the Elis on Sunday as they defeated the University of New Haven 7-3 to win the championship the day after they knocked off Southern Connecticut State, 5-0.

The Bulldogs’ pitching staff dominated both games, allowing only three runs while striking out 19 batters in 18 innings of work....The team opens its spring season on March 3 in Blacksburg, Virginia, where the Bulldogs will face-off against the Virginia Tech Hokies."

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Not my favorite Mariano Rivera comparison...Chris Christie by Ann Coulter

This isn't my favorite Mariano Rivera comparison but I include it for the record. I'm glad Chris Christie was elected in NJ, but don't see him as president as Ann Coulter does:

10/15/11, "She (Ann Coulter) followed her short answers by noting that after a victory in 2012,
10/15/11, "Coulter Gives Up, Endorses Mitt Romney: ‘You’ve Got To Go With What You Have’," MediaIte, F. Martel

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Valverde: 'I don't know how Mariano does it.'

10/13/11, "Hours before Game 4 began, Tigers closer Jose Valverde marveled about Mariano Rivera, the Yankees peerless closer.

Valverde buckled under the pressure later Wednesday night to give the Rangers a thrilling 7-3 victory in 11 innings and put the Tigers one loss away from elimination."...


I understand Mr. Valverde is described as being 'perfect' and having had a 'perfect year,' and he did have a great year. Perfect isn't a 2.24 ERA, 4 losses, 5 home runs, and never pitching more than 1 inning. It's very good but not perfect. He beat the Yankees in the ALDS in 2 close games, so he has bragging rights if he chooses them. Permanently attaching the word 'perfect' to a player based on the 'regular season total save stat' alone isn't really helpful to him or anyone else. ed.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


'Colts lack a Mariano Rivera mentality,' Indy Star, Chappell

10/11/11, "Colts can't close deal," Indy Star, Mike Chappell
"The NFL can be a complicated venture with zone blitzes, hot reads, defensive line stunts, checkdowns and other assorted X's and O's gobbledygook.

The plight of the Indianapolis Colts? Simple.

They lack a Mariano Rivera mentality. They can't close. Not a lick.

The Colts are saddled with their first 0-5 start since 1997 because of a maddening inability to adequately finish what they've started. The latest and most damning example: blowing 17-0 and 24-7 first-half leads and being

It was the Colts' fourth straight loss by eight points or fewer. That by a group that had been 55-19 since 2002 in regular-season games decided by eight points or fewer.

It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to detect a common thread.

"The reality is that's what's happened," Colts center Jeff Saturday said Monday afternoon. "You can cut it how you want, but we haven't finished....

"There's no secret to football," he said. "You have to make enough plays

Former coach Tony Dungy stressed that games usually turn on a handful of plays. Coach Jim Caldwell subscribes to that theory.

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Friday, October 07, 2011


Rivera at the Stadium, ALDS game 5 v Detroit

Mariano Rivera pitches in ALDS game 5, 5 pitches, 3 outs. Yankees trail 3-2.

Getty, Getty, Getty

Above, ALDS game 5, Oct. 6, 2011, Yankees Arod, Jeter, Girardi, Russell Martin looking to the bullpen as they wait for Mo, getty


About top three photos: Top, Rivera in dugout after pitching 9th, R. Deutsch. Next, Rivera in the dugout during 9th inning ALDS game 5, ap. Third, Rivera and Jeter leave the field after Mo pitched in the 9th, Oct. 6, 2011, ap.

Ed. note, 10/13/12: I normally have information about pictures right next to them for easy reference, but blogger has recently changed its blogging format. When I added a picture to this post blogger deleted another picture I had in the post from Oct. 2011. I had to find the picture again and re-post it. Blogger wouldn't let me keep this source info near the pictures, every time I tried to put it there it erased a picture. I originally had the top 3 photos aligned correctly, but the new system won't allow it in this case. When I try to align them now it erases a picture.

Sunday, October 02, 2011


ALDS Game 1B at the Stadium

Top, Rivera gets K with bases loaded, final 9-3, Betemit at the plate, ap;
This game was the completion of ALDS 1 which began 9/30/11 but was suspended due to rain.

Rivera in warmups for ALDS game 2, 10/2/11, ap

Above Posada hands ball to Andy Pettitte for ALDS game 2 ceremonial 1st pitch, 10/2/11, Thomas A. Ferrara, Newsday

Jeter in the 7th, ALDS game 2 in the rain, 10/2/11, Tigers won 5-3, photo John Dunn, Newsday


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