Tuesday, July 31, 2007


"Mariano is unmatched by anyone in baseball." Chris Russo, 7/31/07

Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo on WFAN today instructed a caller to the station in New York. (Russo himself is a Giants fan). He occasionally does schtick, but Russo is a baseball fan, doesn't rely on ESPN for current or future income, and has been awake in New York since at least 1995. A caller tried to make a comparison about the Red Sox bullpen, and Russo explained the difference.

Rivera on 7/27/07, photo by Keith Allison, Flickr

Thursday, July 05, 2007


Says bullpen coach's experience "invaluable"

"The closer hadn’t been happy with either his slider or curveball, so he took the advice of bullpen coach Gary Tuck and pitching coach John Farrell and went to the cutter. From Boston Herald article 7/5/07 by Rob Bradford.
Kevin Kernan, NY Post, 3/23/07, from his blog from Legends Field. I hadn't realized that...in 1996, Rivera went 107 innings wherein he gave up only 1 homerun. He was the real World Series MVP in 1996 as well, but didn't win the award which went to Wetteland.

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