Thursday, May 26, 2011


At the Stadium Rivera's 1000th regular season appearance

Rivera's 1000th regular season appearance. Top with Russell Martin and Arod. Middle with Arod. Bottom v JP Arencibia. ap, reuters, reuters

Monday, May 23, 2011


In Baltimore, May 18 and 19

Top, Rivera signs before game in Baltimore, 5/19/11. Bottom, Rivera pitches in Camden Yards, May 18, 2011, getty. Not the worst game in history, but unpleasant enough. ed.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Rivera being used at alarming rate in 2011, has pitched back-to-back days 6 times already as of May 12- NY Post

May 12, 2011, "Yankees using Rivera at alarming pace," NY Post, Mark Hale

"Rivera has already pitched on back-to-back days six times this year. Last year he didn't do that until July 2....

So far this season Mariano Rivera has gone in an alarming direction with his workload.

With last night's appearance in the Yankees' 4-3 11-inning loss to the Royals, Rivera has pitched in 18 of the Yankees' 34 games this season, throwing a total of 17.2 innings. That puts the 41-year-old righty on pace for a staggering 85 appearances and 84 1/3 innings -- which would be his most games ever and his most innings since he fired 107 2/3 as a setup man in 1996."...

(continuing): "Rivera -- who has been superb as always, posting a 1.53 ERA and converting 13 of 15 save chances -- doesn't care what his workload is, saying it doesn't feel like he's pitched more than usual and that he's comfortable with however much he's used.

Still, one reason the Yankees signed Rafael Soriano was to alleviate Rivera's workload and possibly give Soriano some save opportunities. Soriano, however, only has one save, has pitched inconsistently and


Rivera at Tropicana Field May 17

Top, with Arod after final out. Rivera pitches to Damon who grounds out to first in St. Petersburg, final 6-2 v Tampa Bay Rays. both ap

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


At the Stadium, May 10th

Rivera after turning double play to end the game v Kansas City, 3-1, above reuters
Rivera v Kansas City at the Stadium, Tues., May 10, 2011, above 2 photos
NJ Star-Ledger

Saturday, May 07, 2011


In Arlington, Texas May 6

Final 4-1. top reuters, bottom special to Star-Telegram

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Mariano in Detroit May 2nd

With 1B coach Mick Kelleher after game v Tigers, 5-3 final. 9 pitches. ap


Metallica to play in Yankee Stadium September 14 with 3 other heavy metal bands

"Yankee season ticket holders will get first dibs at Big Four tickets starting May 4th

5/2/11, "Metallica Will Play Mariano Rivera's Song at Yankee Stadium In a Non-Save Situation," Amplifier, Daniel Kreps (a Mets fan)

"For the past 15 years, Metallica's "Enter Sandman" has boomed out of Yankee Stadium's speakers whenever a tight lead for the Pinstripes required the services of Mariano Rivera, the team's elite closer. On September 14th, the heavy metal anthem will once again emanate from the new House That Ruth Built,
The Big Four of heavy metal -- Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer -- have announced plans to make New York's ears bleed at Yankee Stadium. The only Big Four U.S. gig so far was held in Indio, California on April 23rd. Yankee season ticket holders will get first dibs at Big Four tickets starting May 4th. Anyone concerned with metalheads trashing the new home of the Yankees will be glad to know that

It's unfortunate that Metallica won't be able to bring out Rivera onstage during "Enter Sandman" given the closer's connection to the track, but maybe they'll just play a collection of Mo highlights instead; there are easily enough to bridge the song's five-plus-minute runtime. While the cross-town rivalry between the Yankees and Mets has diminished slightly recently in the face of the Mets' financial woes and mediocre on-field product, their

Shea Stadium and Citi Field have scored several nights of Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Dave Matthews Band shows, while Yankee Stadium was one of only two stops on the Eminem/Jay-Z tour last year. Concert supremacy was the one thing Mets fans had over the Yankees, but thanks to the Big Four even that bragging right is being torn away.

[Full disclosure: The Amp is written by Mets fans.]"

photo via Amplifier

Monday, May 02, 2011


At the Stadium v Blue Jays, May 1

Final score 5-2. getty

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