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At the Stadium October 29, World Series game 2

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Monday, October 26, 2009


At the Stadium October 25, ALCS game 6

Sunday, October 25, 2009


At the Stadium, ALCS game 6 rainout

Mariano in the dugout, ALCS game 6 rainout. ap photo

Friday, October 23, 2009


Mariano Rivera best closer of all time--Howard Bryant

The difference-maker, of course, is Rivera. And regardless of what the Yankees do for the remainder of the series,
Down a run, Chamberlain entered in the eighth. He gave up a double and a one-out infield single to Aybar, who then stole second base. Needing to keep the deficit at a run, with runners on second and third, Girardi called on Rivera, who hadn't given up a sacrifice fly all season. Figgins hit a soft liner to right and Abreu flied to end the inning....
by Howard Bryant, "Moves Making ALCS More Interesting," 10/23/09,




In Anaheim October 22, ALCS game 5

Mo enters in the 8th, 2 runners on base, 1 out, Yankees trailing 7-6. top photo
NY Daily News, bottom 3 getty. Final 7-6 Angels.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


In Anaheim October 20th, ALCS game 4

During batting practice. photo getty. Yanks won 10-1 so didn't need Mo.

the Aaron Boone game, the last time the Yankees played themselves into the World Series.

He knew and Rivera knew and the Yankees knew Sabathia would be expected to pitch more than three innings last night. And he did. He sure did. The Yankees would give him a lot more stick than he needed in the baseball home of those annoying thundersticks. ...Try to remember the last time you trusted a Yankee ace starter such as this at this time of year.

from Mike Lupica's column, NY Daily News, "CC Sabathia wins game 4, proves he's worth more than A-rod to New York," 10/21/09

Rivera on practice day preceding ALCS game 5, 10/21/09, ap


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In Anaheim October 19, ALCS game 3

ALCS game 3, game tied 4-4. Mo entered the game with the winning run on 2nd. He made a throwing error to third on a bunt. Eventually bases were loaded with no out. Rivera got out of it with no runs scoring. Ground balls never left the infield. A sac fly would have won the game. The Angels did win in the 11th after Mo was gone. "Mariano Rivera is a flat-out stud," by Kent Sterling, Indy 1070 the FAN, ESPN.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Mo goes the distance in regular and postseason- NY Post

"The last time Mariano Rivera pitched more than two innings in a game was more than three years ago. It wasn't a problem for him to do it again last night.

in last night's incredible ALCS Game 2 victory for the Yankees. In their 4-3 13-inning win, Rivera logged 2 1/3scoreless innings, going beyond two innings for the first time

Last night, Rivera was summoned in the eighth with men on first and second and two outs and Erick Aybar at the plate. The legendary closer, who had a feeling he'd be called on face Aybar if the situation presented itself, proceeded to retire the Angels shortstop on a groundout to second.

by Mark Hale, NY Post, 10/18/09, "Mariano Pitches Long and Strong" photo NY Post, 10/18/09



At the Stadium October 17, ALCS game two, 13 innings, 4-3 Yankees

Jerry Hairston scores on Izturis throwing error, bottom of 13th

Saturday, October 17, 2009


At the Stadium October 16, ALCS game 1

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Rivera's post season stats,

Mariano Rivera's postseason numbers have been staggering since he joined the Yankees bullpen.
1995 1-0 0.00 3 0 5.1 3 8
1996 1-0 0.63 8 0 14.1 10 10
1997 0-0 4.50 2 1 2.0 2 1
1998 0-0 0.00 10 6 13.1 6 11
1999 2-0 0.00 8 6 12.1 9 9
2000 0-0 1.72 10 6 15.2 10 10
2001 2-1 1.13 11 5 16.0 12 14
2002 0-0 0.00 1 1 1.0 1 0
2003 1-0 0.56 8 5 16.0 7 14
2004 1-0 0.71 9 2 12.2 8 8
2005 0-0 3.00 2 2 3.0 1 2
2006 0-0 0.00 1 0 1.0 1 0
2007 0-0 0.00 3 0 4.2 2 6
2009 0-0 0.00 3 1 3.2 4 7
Total 8-1 0.74 79 35 121.0 76 100

Monday, October 12, 2009


Joe Mauer broken bat v Rivera, ALDS game 3, 8th inning, 10/11/09

Joe Mauer, 10/11/2009, ALDS game 3, bottom of the 8th v Rivera, score 2-1, Yankees. Final score, 4-1 Yankees, reuters photo

Sunday, October 11, 2009


At the Metrodome October 11, ALDS game 3, Rivera's 53rd multi inning post season appearance

2001 wasn't "The Last Night of the Yankee Dynasty" after all. Mo enters in the 8th, score 2-1. Final 4-1 Yankees over Twins. ALDS game 3.
top photo Star-Ledger, next reuters.

Jeff Passan: "While Games 1 and 2 were won by nearly $250 million in mercenary arms – CC Sabathia(notes) and A.J. Burnett’s(notes) – Pettitte carved up the Twins in Game 3. And Posada hit the go-ahead home run in the seventh inning. And Jeter made a brilliant defensive play the next inning, catching Twins runner Nick Punto(notes) taking too wide a turn around third base, relaying the ball to Posada and watching him gun down Punto at third.
Only one other pitcher has thrown in that many postseason games, period.
Pettitte, Posada, Jeter, and Rivera... "have spent parts of 57 seasons with the Yankees, only Pettitte’s three-year vacation with Houston interrupting 15 unabated years. Each debuted in 1995, and never before or since has a team seen such greatness in a single wave: two no-doubt Hall of Famers and two borderline, as much for their team accomplishments as individual....
"Familiar Faces push Yankees to the ALCS," 10/12/09, Passan, Yahoo.
Pettitte photo by ap. Reference to Dynasty by Ryan Fagan in his article on, 10/11/09, "Like Old Times: Yanks Old Guard Pivotal in Win"


Update: Rivera post season multi-inning apps. now stand at 57 out of 96 appearances:

Jeff Passan noted the 53 mark after ALDS game 3 in 2009.

All in 2009: ALCS game 2, ALCS game 6, World Series game 2, World Series game 6.


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At the Stadium October 7, ALDS game 1

final score 7-2 Yankees over Twins. getty photos

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Mo best 'regular season' closer too-Lupica

"At the beginning of another October for the Yankees here is
Derek Jeter talking about the great Mariano Rivera. In another time in New York, it would have been Willis Reed talking about Clyde Frazier:

"People like to say Mo's always the same, that he never changes. And they're right. But here's something else that doesn't ever seem to change, especially the longer he goes.

"You want to know how great he really is?

October again for the Yankees. That means it is Rivera's time. And maybe because the Yankees will have to go all the way to November if they are going to win what would be the fifth World Series Jeter and Rivera have won together - and because this is the November when Mo Rivera will turn 40 - people are talking to him and about him for more than the occasional blown save now.

He has done what he has done, at such an amazingly high level for such an amazingly long time (at least for a power closer), with such a cold-blooded and ruthless efficiency, that any kind of failure, even in a meaningless regular-season game - a walk-off home run from Ichiro a few weeks ago - is still a shock to the system of the Yankees, and their fans. It will be that way with any playoff failure from Rivera, if there even is one this time, if anybody manages to lay a glove on him.

No one would ever suggest that you could take Rivera for granted. It is hardly as if he has been unappreciated, that his talent and grace have somehow been overlooked since he first became a big pitcher for the Yankees in 1996
Still: It has taken another transcendent regular season from him to make us appreciate what a transcendent talent he has been for such a long time, on either side of 161st Street.


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