Saturday, December 29, 2007


Mariano Rivera Tribute by yankeesrule009


"THE MARIANO RIVERA STAT"--Hornets Play by Play, Sean Kelley

Dec. 28, 2007 by Jim Eichenhofer,

"3) The “Mariano Rivera stat” and the double-double guys.
as the All-Star New York Yankees closer in preserving late-game leads.
From "Big Easy Buzz,", 12/28/07 by Jim Eichenhofer

Sunday, December 02, 2007


"When the Game's on the Line"..."They Can Call Me Mariano Rivera," New Orleans Hornet combo guard

After the New Orleans Hornets win over the Dallas Mavericks, posted highlights, one of which was late-game hero, Jannero Pargo. By Jim Eichenhofer,, 12/1/07:
4) "Jannero Pargo, AKA “Mariano Rivera.”
“They can call me ‘Mariano Rivera,’ ” a grinning Pargo joked, alluding to the New York Yankees right-handed closer.

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