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In Texas ALCS game 6, October 22

2 reuters, 6 ap, rest getty, 5 and 7 in dugout before game


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Teixeira: Mariano Rivera is the greatest pitcher of all time.

10/21/10, "When Mark Teixeira was asked today about the impact Mariano Rivera has on an opposing team, the injured Yankee first baseman saw the interviewer's question and raised the stakes of his answer.
Noticing the raised eyebrows in front of him, Tex amended that assessment, but only slightly.

"Well, obviously he's the greatest relief pitcher of all–time,'' Teixeira said. "But with what he’s done in the post-season, his post-season numbers, how he closes the door in so many tight games,
When he’s on your side late in the game, you feel pretty good about it.
I’ll make that argument with anybody.''

Asked about the feeling of hopelessness Rivera inspires in opposing hitters, Teixeira cited his own limited history of facing Mo as a mamber of the Texas Rangers and L.A. Angels.
For the record, Teixeira batted .111 vs. Rivera, with one single in nine at-bats, one walk and two strikeouts."


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At the Stadium ALCS game 5, October 20


getty, getty, reuters, getty, reuters, ap

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Jets nickname Dwight Lowery 'their Mariano Rivera'

10/20, "Call (Jets) Lowery 'The Closer'
"Mariano Rivera" and "The Closer" -- thanks to his defensive plays to close out the Jets' last two victories.
After the game, Bart Scott and other players were calling him "Mariano Rivera" and "The Closer."
He's our Mariano Rivera right now.""...

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At the Stadium ALCS game 3, October 18



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"For him to get anybody's attention outside of New York now, he'd probably have to save 65 games." Sheldon Ocker, 11/9/05, NY Times

10/17/10, "The wild card is Rivera, who probably shouldn't be anywhere near as good as he has been at age 40, converting 33 of 38 chances for New York while owning a 1.80 ERA in 61 appearances."...

(continuing): "It's incredible," general manager Brian Cashman said. "I know for years people have been waiting for it to stop, and thank God it hasn't.

"I can't even understand why you would ask. Mariano is amazing," Posada said. "Mariano is, for me,

Sheldon Ocker is one of 6 MLB/BBWAA selected voters who NY Times 11/9/05 article, "Award Eludes Rivera, Colon wins the Cy Young"
For a long period of time Ocker's statement was excised from the article. Now it's back. I've documented this elsewhere which I'll link to here shortly. ed.


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In Texas, ALCS game 1, Oct. 15

reuters, getty, getty (final out)


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At the Stadium ALDS game 3 v Twins, October 9

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In Minnesota, ALDS game two, October 7, 2010

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Girardi using Mo in the 8th showed how badly he wanted game 1

10/7, "In Going to Mariano Rivera in eighth inning, Joe Girardi shows how badly he wanted Game 1," Mike Lupica, NY Daily News

"He came running out of the bullpen, running out of all the other Octobers, one out earlier than he should have in the first game of the playoffs.

here came Rivera to show you how much and how badly Joe Girardi wanted Game 1. Here came Rivera with the Yankees up two runs to get a four-out save and make sure they got out of here a game ahead of the Twins at Target Field. You wonder how many more nights he will need out of Rivera's 40-year-old right arm to get the Yankees another World Series, how much that arm has left....

It was a new playoff season, even if it was against a familiar first-round opponent. But now

  • this ending was as old as anything, as old as Rivera, him coming through the bullpen doors this late in the game and the night. It was past midnight in New York by now.

Past midnight on the first Wednesday in October. So this wasn't just Rivera's time of the night. This was his official bio.

So much had happened in the nearly 3-1/2 hours the Yankees and Twins had played already. Francisco Liriano, the Twins' kid lefthander, had pitched the first five innings looking like he was Cliff Lee on training wheels, Cliff Lee being the guy the Yankees seemed to have tanked September to avoid in Game 1 of the playoffs. Liriano was ahead 3-0....
  • But then Liriano was behind 4-3, behind just like that because of four Yankee runs in the top of the sixth...

CC Sabathia then staggered all around the bottom of the sixth, walking three guys, finally walking home the tying run. So it was 4-4. ...

And when Teixeira hit a two-run shot in the top of the seventh, Sabathia was still set up to get the victory, even if it wasn't a work of art. Boone Logan and David Robertson got him through the bottom of the seventh after Teixeira's home run.

  • Kerry Wood, who has been generally brilliant since coming over to the Yankees from the Indians,
  • ended up putting two runners on in the bottom of the eighth.
So two on in Game 1, the Yankees up two runs. The Yankees trying to get the first of the 11 they need to win it all again.
  • Girardi had said this about Rivera in the interview room before the game:
"There is trepidation all year long about using him more than three outs. We try not to do it. . . . Last year we did it some. We'll see how he's feeling and how he's throwing the ball."
  • Four hours later, Game 1 in the books, the manager of the Yankees said,
  • "I just thought it was time to go to Mo."...

Now it was Rivera's game. He had scuffled down the stretch the way the Yankees had scuffled. Now he threw three straight balls to Denard Span before he threw a strike. But then he busted one in on Span's hands, one more hitter getting handcuffed like that in October, and he grounded to Jeter and the Yankees were out of the eighth, still ahead two runs on the Twins.

The ninth now. Nobody was worried about what Rivera, at his age, might have left for Game 2 Thursday night. Get this game. Get up 1-0 on the Twins on the road. Get the Sabathia game.

  • Orlando Hudson led off the bottom of the ninth for the Twins. He stayed in there for nine pitches against Rivera before grounding out to second.

Rivera was two outs away in Game 1....

Joe Mauer next. The Twins' star. He ripped one back at Rivera. He took it in his glove like a hockey goalie. Everybody on the Yankees knows what a great outfielder Rivera would be. Now he was a goalie, making the save on Mauer, collecting the ball, throwing Mauer out at first.

Delmon Young was the last chance for the Twins. Target Field still begging for some kind of miracle, even against Rivera, even the way the night had turned completely around on them here. Young lined one to short right. Greg Golson came in hard, somehow got his glove down, caught the ball on the dead run. It was called a hit. It wasn't. Another last chance, Jim Thome coming to plate as the tying run.

Rivera popped Thome out to A-Rod. Yankees 6, Twins 4. It was the Twins' night. Then it wasn't. New season, old story for them. The Twins have seen this movie before. It's called "Groundhog Day.""

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Pettitte-Rivera win-save combination reaches #79 on 10/7/10, update, reaches #81 on 5/11/13, #70 in regular season

Andy Pettitte speaks with Larry Rothschild before his first bullpen of the spring, 3/20/12, ap


****5/11/13,  Pettitte-Rivera win-save #81, 70th in regular season, final 3-2 vs Royals.


***WIN-SAVES: Total of 79. 68 in regular, 11 in post season:***

July 8, 2010 in Seattle was #68 win-save combo for Pettitte and Rivera in regular season,
(NY Post notes 65th on 4/18/10, 2/3 down page*)
Pettitte and Rivera's 11 post season win-save combos as of 10/7/10:

8 of the above post season win-saves were multi-inning appearances for Rivera.

Honorable Mention: The "Bugs" Game, Game 2, 2007 ALDS, NYY @ Cleveland, 2IP for Rivera. Pettitte and Rivera appeared together in other games that didn't have the exact technical requirements for a win-save combo.

*References: 4/19/10 NY Post article notes 65th reg. season combo on 4/18/10. May 26, 2010 was their 66th regular season win-save combination. 6/11/10, 4-3 win for the Yankees at the stadium (6/11) was 67th regular season win-save. July 8, 2010 in Seattle was #68.
Some photos of Andy Pettitte's return in 2012

Pettitte speaks with reporters on first official day back, 3/20/12, ap

3/20/12, Pettitte speaks to media at The Boss, ap

Pettitte at The Boss after his first bullpen with Larry Rothschild, Ivan Nova observes, 3/20/12, ap



Mariano Rivera earns "600th career save" 10/7/10-Reuters

"New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera pitches to the Minnesota Twins during the ninth inning of Game 2 of their MLB American League Divison Series baseball playoffs in Minneapolis, Minnesota, October 7, 2010.

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In Minnesota, ALDS game one, October 6, 2010

Final 6-4 Yankees over Twins. ap 2, reuters 4, others getty

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