Friday, February 22, 2008


"That most regal of all relievers, Mariano Rivera."--Lowe, Detroit Free Press

(John Lowe): "The King and I.

The bullpens there are adjacent. Miner likes to peer into the Yankees bullpen to watch the warm-up of that most regal of all relievers, Mariano Rivera.

Rivera has 443 career saves" (477 "actual" career saves, incl. his 76 post season games--don't they count? SM). "Miner has none. But when Miner looked into Rivera's realm, was he perhaps looking at his own future?

Miner has an intangible qualification for being a closer. He likes the ninth-inning drama.

"I definitely really enjoy that adrenaline rush," Miner said. "You don't get that when you start.

(Todd) Jones says Miner possesses key traits for a reliever.

Jones also likes that Miner enjoys the final-act theater of relief pitching.

Closers don't have to be real young when they begin their ninth-inning work. On March 12, Miner turns 26. That's how old Rivera was when he recorded his first save."


Mariano Rivera throws in the bullpen, at soon to be Steinbrenner field

photo by Newsday, Legends Field, 2/22/08

Friday, February 08, 2008


Celizic, on 'the closer'

The closer: "It’s the most important job in baseball."

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