Tuesday, September 29, 2009


At the Stadium, September 29

Team members put together commemoration gifts for Mariano and Derek's
achievements this year. photos from ceremony before game with Royals. top and bottom, ap photos, 2nd getty, 3rd reuters, stubblebine.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Jets protecting leads late in games invokes comparison to Mo

"Maybe it’s too early to compare them to Mariano Rivera,

The defense did it again yesterday in a 24-17 victory over Tennessee. One week after slamming the door on Tom Brady and the Patriots in the final minute of a 16-9 victory, the Jets’ defense shut it on Kerry Collins and the Titans (or was it the Oilers?) —
9/28/09 by George Bretherton, "Jets Open Thread: Defense is 2 for 2 in Save Situations"


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yankees win AL East for first time since 2006

Mariano with Jose Molina and Mark Teixeira after Sunday's 4-2 win
over the Red Sox at the stadium. reuters photos, Stapleton, Segar,
Stubblebine, US Sport

"After 99 other victories this season, after all the comebacks on this side of 161st St., the Yankees were putting some official winning into the new place, about five minutes after 5 Sunday afternoon. They were winning the American League East with style, with one more comeback, this one against the Red Sox, and

The game had started late because of rain but now there was enough sun out in the top of the ninth that Brett Gardner even lost J.D. Drew's short fly ball to center. And the Red Sox had second and third with two out in a 4-2 game, which meant that a hit from Jacoby Ellsbury tied the game.

"There is nothing he could do," Derek Jeter said Sunday, "that you haven't seen from him before."

The game started Sunday with a clean single to left from Jeter in the bottom of the first and ended with the ball in Rivera's right hand again. Andy Pettitte got the win Sunday. So much has been new this season, so much has changed. Just not everything. If everything goes the way the Yankees want it to, there will be another ending like this, to a much bigger game, the first week of November,

The Yankees, who have hit all year, really got to 100 Sunday with pitching, from Pettitte and Phil Coke and Brian Bruney and Rivera, who got his 44th save a couple of months short of his 40th birthday. Before the game Sunday Jeter was asked to talk about the season and he looked up and said, "We pitch.""

above image by getty, 9/27/09 at the stadium


Saturday, September 26, 2009


At the Stadium, September 26

Rivera ninth inning v Red Sox, final score 3-0. Bottom photo tag
says he was checking something with an umpire. getty photos


At the Stadium, September 25

Top 2 photos Mariano Rivera with President of Panama Ricardo Martinelli after he threw a ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium, 9/25/09. by reuters, Stubblebine. Bottom 3 photos of recent tidal flood devastation in Rivera's hometown, Puerto Caimito, Panama by La Prensa, 9/23/09. Story of flood via BTF. Mariano didn't have to pitch tonight, Yankees won 9-5. Baseball in Panama is an international disgrace, hopes are President Martinelli will solve some of the problems.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


At Anaheim, September 23


At Anaheim, September 22

Mariano Rivera #42, Brett Gardner, after 6-5 win in
Anaheim, 9/22/09. getty photo, top version from Newsday, 9/23

Thursday, September 17, 2009


At the Stadium, September 16th

After Francisco Cervelli's game winning single, 5-4 over Toronto. Mo was
winning pitcher. ap photo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


At the Stadium, September 14th

Rivera throws to first for the final out in the 5-3 game v the
Angels. All three of his outs were ground balls. ap photo.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Rivera best player of this generation, period--Ruddick

I don't even think Jeter is the best Yankee of this era. Who has been more important to the Yanks over the course of their run,

Yet I am seeing all these lists over the last few days that have Jeter listed right behind the Big-5, with Mariano Rivera a few slots behind him. The things that make Rivera, namely his consistent dominance, reliability and professionalism,

When it is all said and done, Rivera is the one who is going to be sitting at the big table and rightfully so.

To me, Derek Jeter's career is defined in two plays, the amazing flip in the ALDS against Oakland in 2001, and his tumbling catch into the stands against Boston in 2004. That is who Derek Jeter is. He is one of the most instinctively sound and clutch players I have ever seen and puts one thing above everything else, and that is winning.

"The House that Jeter Built?" by Chris Ruddick, The Sports Network, KansasCity.com, 9/10/09



At the Stadium, September 11

Mariano congratulates Derek Jeter on the night of his Yankee hits record.
photo by NY Daily News

They hugged him, one by one. Mo said something to him, so did Posada. The ovation would not stop. Above it all, they were chanting Jeter's name, the way the bleachers do in the top of the first, only it wasn't just the bleachers now, it was the whole place. There have been so many comebacks this season, and so many times when the crowd over here tried to sound like sellouts used to sound on the other side of 161st St. But the place had never sounded like this. This sound for Jeter.

"You are going to hear something tonight," Mo Rivera had said before the game. "From all the years."

He showed up for good in 1996 and the Yankees won it all and won three more times through October of 2000 and he became the face of the franchise as much as any player ever has. Last night was about that. You can only imagine what it will be like around here when he does get closer to 3,000.

The Gehrig record gave everybody a chance to have a party. It ended last night, after a long rain delay, in the third against the Orioles, a single to right by the biggest sports star in town....

A-Rod's numbers will all be bigger someday. Jeter isn't Joe DiMaggio. But in so many ways, the way he has carried himself, what he has meant, he has been this era's DiMaggio....

9/12/09, from Mike Lupica column , NY Daily News, "At New Stadium, Yankee Captain Derek Jeter hears that old Roar from the Crowd."


Monday, September 07, 2009


At the Stadium, September 7

Final score over Tampa Bay 4-1. The Rays' Matt Garza did a great job, but
as Suzyn mentioned he has the lowest run support in the American League.
photos getty

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


In Baltimore, September 1st


In Baltimore, August 31

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