Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Aaron Gleeman notes 'multi-inning appearances are common' by closers in playoffs. Could this revelation change future media go-to's with Gossage?

The future is anyone's guess, but everyone has access to past records. Aaron Gleeman dares to go where others dare not-acknowledging the many years of multi-inning appearances Rivera has made in the post season. (It is conventional wisdom that post season numbers not be mentioned due to being 'unfair' to those not 'lucky' enough to have them. Among other things, this assumes everyone who goes to the post season gets numbers to brag about).

10/5/10: Aaron Gleeman: "Andy Pettitte's health and Phil Hughes' second-half struggles give the Yankees' rotation some major question marks after CC Sabathia, but New York's bullpen may actually be underrated at this point.

Mariano Rivera's late-season rough patch provides a bit of worry that he'll be something less than his usual unhittable self, but I'm not counting on it.

finished his age-40 season with a 1.80 ERA, .183 opponents' batting average, and 45/11 K/BB ratio in 60 innings, and becomes an even bigger weapon

"Yankee playoff bullpen has the potential to be dominant," Hardball Talk by Aaron Gleeman

""He's special. He's one of a kind. It will be a long time

from Eagle Tribune, "A wing and a prayer: Mariano Rivera makes Yankees a favorite," by Christopher Smith


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