Friday, October 22, 2010


Teixeira: Mariano Rivera is the greatest pitcher of all time.

10/21/10, "When Mark Teixeira was asked today about the impact Mariano Rivera has on an opposing team, the injured Yankee first baseman saw the interviewer's question and raised the stakes of his answer.
Noticing the raised eyebrows in front of him, Tex amended that assessment, but only slightly.

"Well, obviously he's the greatest relief pitcher of all–time,'' Teixeira said. "But with what he’s done in the post-season, his post-season numbers, how he closes the door in so many tight games,
When he’s on your side late in the game, you feel pretty good about it.
I’ll make that argument with anybody.''

Asked about the feeling of hopelessness Rivera inspires in opposing hitters, Teixeira cited his own limited history of facing Mo as a mamber of the Texas Rangers and L.A. Angels.
For the record, Teixeira batted .111 vs. Rivera, with one single in nine at-bats, one walk and two strikeouts."


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