Sunday, December 05, 2010


Rivera is grateful another team was thinking of him, but will stay in the Bronx

12/5/10, ""I wanted two years," Rivera said. "That will be fine. I think maybe that might be the last two years."

While there was nothing particularly revealing in that comment -- Rivera has been conceding the possible end of his durable career seemingly with every new contract he has signed this decade --

The Red Sox contacted Rivera's agent, Fernando Cuza, before negotiations with the Yankees really got going, making a two-year offer before he formally heard the same from Cashman.

"They talked to Fern, they were interested," Rivera said. "I really appreciate that. I know there was interest and I respect that.

Dismissing how Boston's overture may have dialed up the rivalry between the American League East powers, Rivera said, "I have to thank God and be grateful for that, that they were thinking of me.""..., "Rivera respects Boston offer, but stays in the Bronx," by Tom Singer


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