Sunday, February 13, 2011


Green Bay Packers defense is the 'new Mariano Rivera of the sports world'


02/10/2011, "Packers' Defense: The New Mariano Rivera of the Sports World"

"It is time," linebacker coach Kevin Greene told Clay Matthews."It is time." That's all Clay needed to hear.

In the 2010 playoffs, the Packers let teams crawl back into games that could have been blowouts. They were up 14-0 on the Eagles, Bears and Steelers before giving each of those teams a chance to win in the fourth quarter. However,

They did it in Chicago with the season on the line - the equivalent of

They did it against Big Ben in the Super Bowl with under two minutes to play - the equivalent of striking out

with two outs and the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth. Like all great closers, the Packers' D had a short memory.

Time and again, they stepped into some of the highest pressure situations sports have to offer. Any minor slip up - a mis-read, a missed tackle or a moment's hesitation - would have been the hanging curveball

Sure A-Rod and the other home run hitters on offense did their part. But four out of the last six games
Seeing them on the field late in the game became a regular occurrence,



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