Saturday, September 03, 2011


Jim Leyland says of Rivera, "I'd have to say he's the greatest closer of all time"

9/2/11, ""I'd have to say," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said,
"Mariano carves out legacy with legendary cutter,", Jason Beck


9/1/2006, "Someday, Yankees will have to replace Irreplaceable Mo," Joel Sherman, NY Post

"When you see the Yankees take the field in the ninth inning, they have their chest out and feel the game is over," Tigers manager Jim Leyland said. "That is a hell of a feeling.

My vote would have gone to Mariano Rivera for MVP of baseball [for this period].

But ... damn, you bring Mariano Rivera out of the bullpen, that is a big edge.""...


4/1/2007, "The bullpen is much deeper than in recent years, headed by Mariano Rivera,

NY Post column by Joel Sherman, 4/1/07, "Pitchers, Half Full or Half Empty, Take Your Pick."

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