Monday, September 19, 2011


Mariano Rivera gets 602nd regular season save at Yankee Stadium

Rivera enters game v Twins, score 6-4, trying for 602, nydn, sipkin, #4 of 17

Rivera in the 9th of #602, v Twins, 9/19/11, Star-Ledger
Final score 6-4 v Twins. Fans cheer, Reuters
Rivera on the mound as fans cheer after 602, 9/19/11, reuters
With his youngest son, after 602, 9/18/11, AP

Rivera 602 scoreboard and stadium signs, 6/19/11, getty
Rivera as fans cheer after 602, 9/19/11, yahoo sports. You Tube video of Mo's final out on 9/19/11.
Rivera in the 9th v Twins for 602 regular season save, 9/19/11, AP

Rivera prepares to throw in the 9th, 9/19/11, getty

Rivera and two of his sons after 602 game, 9/19/11, ny times photo
Above Rivera with his wife and 2 of his 3 sons in dugout after 602 game, photo nydn, sipkin
Rivera, 9/19/11, ny times photo....9/20/11, "Then he was in the clubhouse, putting on his 602 T-shirt, walking across the middle of the room, somebody handing him a cell phone, 9/20/11, "Core Four becomes one at Yankee Stadium as Mariano Rivera sets MLB all-time career saves record," Mike Lupica, NY Daily News, item end of p. 2

9/20/11, "Rivera sets major league saves record," AFP


NY Post front page, 'Super Slo-Mo" souvenir poster of Mo inside, 9/21/11


Rivera enters, Sept. 19, 2011, getty

Above NYDN front/back wrap, 9/20/11.

Rivera sign at 602 saves, 9/19/11, photo NY Daily News, 9/20/11

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