Friday, September 02, 2011


Rivera, Arod, Jeter after game in Boston Sept. 1

Top, Arod, Mariano, Jeter after Thurs. night game in Boston, middle, Rivera in 9th on 9/1, bottom Rivera during 28 pitch 9th inning, final 4-2. 1 and 3 getty, 2 US presswire

Adrian Gonzalez' final pitch from Mariano Rivera on 9/1/11, photo, Bob Klapisch article, "Rivera, Burnett save series vs. Sox"

"You just knew the final moments at Fenway wouldn't allow you to move or even breathe.

Everyone inside the ballpark was on their feet, prisoners of the drama as Mariano Rivera faced crushing odds: The Red Sox had the bases loaded in the ninth with MVP candidate Adrian Gonzalez at the plate."...

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