Friday, October 07, 2011


Rivera at the Stadium, ALDS game 5 v Detroit

Mariano Rivera pitches in ALDS game 5, 5 pitches, 3 outs. Yankees trail 3-2.

Getty, Getty, Getty

Above, ALDS game 5, Oct. 6, 2011, Yankees Arod, Jeter, Girardi, Russell Martin looking to the bullpen as they wait for Mo, getty


About top three photos: Top, Rivera in dugout after pitching 9th, R. Deutsch. Next, Rivera in the dugout during 9th inning ALDS game 5, ap. Third, Rivera and Jeter leave the field after Mo pitched in the 9th, Oct. 6, 2011, ap.

Ed. note, 10/13/12: I normally have information about pictures right next to them for easy reference, but blogger has recently changed its blogging format. When I added a picture to this post blogger deleted another picture I had in the post from Oct. 2011. I had to find the picture again and re-post it. Blogger wouldn't let me keep this source info near the pictures, every time I tried to put it there it erased a picture. I originally had the top 3 photos aligned correctly, but the new system won't allow it in this case. When I try to align them now it erases a picture.

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