Saturday, November 19, 2011


Tim Tebow as 'Enter Sandman?'

11/18/11, "Tim Tebow as football closer, 'Enter Sandman'?" Huliq, Paula Duffy

"While there were a couple of Jets secondary players in the area when Tebow crossed the goal line, they stayed put. Who would want to get in the way of a 240+ man who is running towards you with a full head of steam? Not the Jets corners, that is for certain.

The closer role is not one officially designated on the roster of football teams. Arguably you could say that place kickers perform that function when a field goal can settle a close or tied contest....

What is it about the final few minutes that takes Tebow into the gear in which he seemingly can't be stopped? He says its his competitive spirit. He's got the baseball closer mentality, except that he's saving his own game....

Move over Mariano Rivera or just hello Tim Tebow? Either way it works."

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