Monday, December 26, 2011


AOL Sporting News 125th Anniversary Top 15 All Time MLB names, Mariano Rivera #14


12/19/11, Sporting News Great Debates, "AOL-Sporting News All 125th Anniversary MLB Team," Mariano Rivera, #14, 1995 to present

"Armed with his devastating, bat-shattering, cut fastball, Rivera has produced an ERA under 2.00 in 11 of his 15 seasons as the Yankees’ closer. And he has been even better in the postseason; in 96 career playoff appearances, Rivera has a 0.70 ERA and 0.759 WHIP, both records. (Robert Seale/SN Archives)"

Their Top 15 names:

12/19/11, "Who's the greatest of them all? SN's MLB All-125th team," SportingNews, Ryan Fagan

"One hundred twenty-five years.

Sporting News has been covering America’s National Pastime long enough to see more than a few once-in-a-lifetime players.

We came up with the definitive list of the best we’ve seen in ours. See the full list here."...


The 'regular season total save stat' is nice "but Rivera didn't need it."

12/27/11, "A look back at the year in MLB," Fox Sports


If there was ever any doubt that Mariano Rivera was the greatest closer of all-time he erased it down the stretch when picked up career save No. 602, moving him past Trevor Hoffman for the most in baseball history.

While the record is nice, Rivera didn't need it to be recognized as the best to ever play the position. He's been the best for a long time and you can argue that Rivera is not only the best closer to ever play the game, but he is best player of this generation period.

Understandably it's hard to justify that for a player who appears, for the most part, one inning a night, 60 times a year. But if you can find me a more dominant or important player in this era than Rivera, go right ahead."...

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