Thursday, December 01, 2011


Good luck, Mo! In one day it'll be over.


12/1/11, "Mariano Rivera to have throat surgery," Newsday, E. Boland

"Mariano Rivera will have surgery on his vocal cords early Friday morning, hoping the procedure fixes whatever has caused the raspy voice he's been speaking with for a little more than a month.

"They're going to cut some polyps that I have on the vocal cords," Rivera said Thursday morning at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan where he was to receive the Salvation Army's Pinnacle of Achievement award. "We decided to do it as soon as possible."

Rivera, who will have the surgery at the Columbia University Medical Center, said the polyps will be sent to a lab and that, as of now, he's not concerned.

"The doctor, she said it doesn't look serious," Rivera said. "But, again, you have to take it to the lab to find out."

Rivera said he's been told his recovery time after the procedure should be about two weeks.

"I have a week without speaking and then another week and it should be fine," he said....

"I don't like surgeries," he said. "But the sooner the better."

photo above: "Mariano Rivera arrives in Midtown Manhattan to receive an achievement award from the Salvation Army at its 64th Annual Luncheon." Newsday by Patrick E. McCarthy


Not fun to have surgery then remain silent for a week, but, Mo, you're only 42 so your prognosis has to be stellar! ed.

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