Wednesday, February 08, 2012


'Before Tiger Woods became the Mariano Rivera of golf...,' NY Times

2/7/12, "For Woods, Early Lesson in Pressure Resonates," NY Times, Karen Crouse

"Before Tiger Woods became the Mariano Rivera of golf, he struggled to close out a victory on the PGA Tour the way Kyle Stanley and Spencer Levin have in recent weeks. ...

What that allowed me to do is understand and feel the heat at this level,” Woods said, adding: “So that helped a lot going through that one tournament. It showed me that, one, I could get there, and two, where I needed to improve.”"...


Goose Gossage:
“"It's an insult to me to even be compared to Mariano Rivera, it really is."

Jan. 12, 2006, “Gossage Beyond Compare,” Denver Post, Jim Armstrong

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