Monday, February 20, 2012


Mariano Rivera signs for fans his first day at Yankee camp 2012

Above, Rivera arrives at Yankee camp, Mon. Feb. 20, 2012, ap

Above Rivera signs for fans at Yankee camp, 2/20/12, ny times silverman

Above Rivera signs at Yankee camp Feb. 20, 2012, ap

Above Rivera signs at fence in Yankee camp 2/20/12, reuters

Rivera at fielding drills Yankee camp 2/2012, reuters

Above Rivera fields at first day of camp, 2/20/12, reuters

Rivera tosses at Yankee camp, 2/20/12, ap

2/21/12, "Possible Exit Sandman makes it season to ‘saver’," NY Post, Joel Sherman

Goose Gossage:"It's an insult to me to even be compared to Mariano Rivera, it really is."

Jan. 12, 2006, “Gossage Beyond Compare,” Denver Post, Jim Armstrong

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