Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Mariano Rivera at Stadium Tuesday, surgery date still not set

5/22/12, "Mariano Rivera walking fine but still has no date for surgery," Star-Ledger, Orr

"Mariano Rivera walked comfortably through the Yankees clubhouse today with a smooth gait that surprised his manager.

He didn’t know many players with a recently-torn ACL that could move that way.

Yet Rivera still doesn’t have a set date for the surgery, he said. Doctors are waiting for his blood clot issue to clear and for him to regain more flexibility and strength in the region.

He is doing range-of-motion exercises during regular therapy sessions.

Rivera said that at this point the “pain is more tolerance.”

Joe Girardi joked that he could see Rivera throwing in July based on the way he was moving but that he wasn’t concerned with a lack of surgery to this point.

Delaying the operation until the clot clears and strength builds could decrease the rehab time after the surgery.

It may take a little longer now, but from what I hear it may be shorter on the other side,” Girardi said."

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