Sunday, September 23, 2012


If Mo wants to come back, we'll welcome him back-Levine

9/17/12, "Levine addresses several issues facing Yanks,", Barry Bloom

" Getting down to what you guys are going to do in the offseason, there's been talk about Mariano Rivera coming back. Where does that stand?

Levine: Well, Mariano Rivera is one of the greatest Yankees of all time. He said he'd like to come back. Obviously, we'd love to have him come back. All those offseason discussions and specifics will wait until the offseason. But if he wants to come back, we'll welcome him back. And you'll work out some sort of financial terms that he'll be comfortable with?

Levine: Yes. And what happens to Rafael Soriano in that picture after the job he has done filling in?

Levine: Rafi has done a great job. I personally have a very good relationship with him. These are all issues to be discussed. We think he's done a tremendous job. We want him to be here."

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