Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Mariano Rivera has pitched 2 saves in one day 6 times

Rivera has pitched 2 saves in one day 6 times:  5/26/10, 5/3/07, 9/29/04, 7/8/2000, and I don't have the other 2, but a 5/3/07 AP article said he had 5 as of 5/3/07 citing Elias. The link from Sporting News is now inactive but the text I copied from them in 2007 is posted below.

The 6th time isn't in the record books:

The 5/25/10 game was shortened due to rain. It's final 3 innings were played on 5/26 along with the game originally scheduled for that day. He pitched the ending of the 5/25 game as well as the 5/26/10 game, both were 1-run games. Baseball Reference now has "susp" (for "suspended") written on the stat sheet for 5/25/10Noted here, "Andy Pettitte Beats Twins, Mariano Rivera Gets 2 Saves in One Day," Daily Skew. And here:
5/27/10, NY Daily News, "Two saves in one day against Minnesota Twins no issue for New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera," M. Feinsand.

So, the 5th time was May 3, 2007, the 4th time was Sept. 29, 2004 v Twins.


2 Saves in one day noted for 5th time per AP article (5/3/07), (now inactive)  citing Elias for the stat:
From AP, "Rivera Earns 2 Saves in Yankee Sweep (of Texas)," published on, 5/3/07

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