Monday, November 19, 2012


Brian Bruney suggested to Kyle Farnsworth that he might want to start throwing a cutter

"How can I really teach this pitch if I can’t explain how it came to me in the first place?”—Mariano Rivera in March"

The article notes Doug Glanville's Oct. 11, 2012 tweet in which he said all Yankee bullpen members were throwing cutters now. The BP article does cumulative research and finds an appreciable transformation hasn't yet occurred. I understand the guys are all together in the bullpen, but I had never heard that any of them asked Mo to show them how he does it. Some may have done so, but I've never heard it mentioned. 

Among comments to the article:

"BP staff member Harry Pavlidis, BP staff, (25252)

While researching this topic for Ben, I found that Farnsworth started throwing his "cutter" while with the Yankees.

Bingo, right?

It was really his old "slider" and the guy who suggested he throw it as a cutter was ....

wait for it ....

Brian Bruney.
Nov 15, 2012 09:54 AM"

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