Monday, December 17, 2012


'Rivera has allowed fewest baserunners per inning in all of baseball, and fewest home runs per inning,' ESPN 'Best Hall of Famers to be'

From ESPN, "Best Hall of Famers to be":

"Rivera has been tougher on lefties than Randy Johnson was, and he has been tougher on righties than Pedro Martinez was. During his career, 

Rivera has allowed 

the fewest baserunners per inning in all of baseball and the fewest HR/inning."


Ed. note: The above text appears briefly at the bottom left of the page on ESPN's slide show of this topic. I reloaded it a few times to write it all down. It may exist elsewhere. I didn't see reference to whether these stats were regular season only. Rivera has pitched 141 post season innings, the equivalent of 2 additional years of late inning relief @ 70 IP all done within the time span of his regular season work. This of course entailed the toughest competitors, under the brightest lights, often after shorter offseasons in which to recover. He gave up a total of 2 home runs in 141 post season innings.

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