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Rivera recalls 2 saves in one day at Subway Series Two Stadium Doubleheader, July 8, 2000

5/26/13, "Last Subway ride for Mariano Rivera," Newsday, Erik Boland

"Mariano Rivera's most memorable Subway Series moment wasn't when he notched career save 500 or career RBI No. 1, which happened the same Sunday night in 2009. Nor was it the 2000 World Series, when he saved Games 4 and 5.

"[When] I saved two games in one day; we played in two stadiums in one day," he said of the strange doubleheader that took place at Yankee Stadium and Shea Stadium on July 8, 2000. ...

He smiled. "The only good thing about that for me is the traveling," said Rivera, 20-for-22 in saves against the Mets in the regular season. "We don't get into any planes."

That's not to say he doesn't appreciate the passion of the city for the game, even though that excitement level is not considered as high as it once was.

"For me, they're not our rivals. It's more the fans," said Rivera, who will be honored by the Mets before Tuesday night's game at Citi Field. "The fans make it huge.""


Rivera has pitched 2 saves in one day 6 times:  5/26/10, 5/3/07, 9/29/04, 7/8/2000, and I don't have the other 2, but a 5/3/07 AP article said he had 5 as of 5/3/07 citing Elias. The link from Sporting News is now inactive.

2 Saves in one day 5 times for Mariano Rivera, per AP article (5/3/07), (now inactive):
From AP, "Rivera Earns 2 Saves in Yankee Sweep (of Texas)," published on, 5/3/07


The 6th 2-save in one day date, 5/26/10, isn't in the record books:

The 5/25/10 game was shortened due to rain. It's final 3 innings were played on 5/26 along with the game originally scheduled for that day. He pitched the ending of the 5/25 game as well as the 5/26/10 game, both were 1-run games. Baseball Reference now has "susp" (for "suspended") written on the stat sheet for 5/25/10Noted here, "Andy Pettitte Beats Twins, Mariano Rivera Gets 2 Saves in One Day," Daily Skew. And here:
5/27/10, NY Daily News, "Two saves in one day against Minnesota Twins no issue for New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera," M. Feinsand


Rivera's first major league rbi was at the 2009 Subway Series on 6/28/09. As it happens, it was a bases loaded walk off Krod in the top of the 9th. His 4 out save that date was regular season save #500.

6/29/2009, "Rivera’s RBI part of walk to save No. 500," Gordon Edes,

 "As for applying the finishing touch to victories, the Mets can roll out K-Rod, Krypton Man or King Kong, it won’t make a difference. The Yankees’ Mariano Rivera, the heavyweight champion of closers, is nowhere close to retiring his belt, as he proved in spectacular fashion Sunday night by not only recording four outs for his 500th save, but by going toe-to-toe with Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez with a bat in his hands and emerging triumphant, drawing a bases-loaded walk for his first career RBI."...

6/28/2009, Rivera hitting foul ball in his 9th inning at bat v Mets prior to getting his walk and first career rbi, photo ap


5/26/13, "One Mo time: Rivera vs. Mets," ESPN, Simon and Sharp

"They said it

"He basically dominates you with one pitch. Everybody says the same thing. He'll tell you what's coming and you're still not going to hit him. His ability to locate that pitch and the presence. He's the best to ever do it and I've seen first-hand how dominating he can be."
-- Mets third baseman David Wright

Magic Mo-ment

Rivera's signature moment against the Mets came in Game 5 of the 2000 World Series when he retired Mike Piazza on a fly ball to Bernie Williams in center field for the final out of the Yankees' third straight World Series title.

Over a three-year period from Game 4 of the 1998 ALDS against the Cleveland Indians through the end of the 2000 World Series, Rivera appeared in 24 postseason games. The Yankees won every one." photo after 2000 World Series game 5, AFP/getty

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