Sunday, May 12, 2013


Rivera v Kansas City Royals, Pettitte-Rivera win-save #81, #70 in regular season


Rivera v Royals, Sat. May 11, 2013, getty. final 3-2 Yankees

5/11/13, Rivera and Chris Stewart after Royals game, final 3-2 Yankees, ap

5/11/13, Rivera and Chris Stewart after Royals, ap

5/11/13, Rivera v Royals, ap

Andy v Royals, 5/11/13, getty, final 3-2 Yankees

More on Pettitte-Rivera 81 win-save total including 11 post season dates.


5/11/13, "There has never been a pitcher quite like Mariano Rivera," Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star

"Rivera’s retirement is a mile marker in baseball history. He is the oldest player in the sport, the last No. 42, and who’s to say if we’ll ever see another like him? His career has basically been one 18-year-old peak — that knee injury the only interruption. He is the all-time saves leader (622), a career 2.21 ERA and the only man since World War I to pitch more than 1,000 innings and average fewer than one baserunner per three outs.

He’s been even better in the postseason — an 0.70 ERA and an integral part of five world championships. Even his greatest professional disappointment is a symbol of his dominance. Game seven of the 2001 World Series is among the most incredible outcomes in recent sports history because Rivera gave up the winning run (on a blooper over the shortstop).

He first pitched in the big leagues 18 years ago this month. That’s long enough that guys he currently pitches against not only watched him growing up, many can’t remember major-league baseball without him."...

photo John Sleezer, no date given

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