Saturday, June 08, 2013


Pettitte-Rivera win-save v Seattle Mariners, #71 in regular season, 82 including post season


6/8/13, Rivera and team mates after 3-1 win v Mariners, ap. Pettitte-Rivera Win-Save #71 in regular season. Also 11 win-saves in post season, listed below.

6/8/13, Rivera v Mariners, final 3-1 Yankees, ap

6/8/13, Rivera and Chris Stewart after 3-1 win v Mariners, ap

Pettitte and Rivera's 11 post season win-save combos as of 10/7/10:
8 of the 11 post season win-saves were multi-inning appearances for Rivera.

Honorable Mention: The "Bugs" Game, Game 2, 2007 ALDS, NYY @ Cleveland, 2IP for Rivera. Pettitte and Rivera appeared together in other games that didn't have the exact technical requirements for a win-save combo.
*References: 4/19/10 NY Post article notes 65th reg. season combo on 4/18/10. May 26, 2010 was their 66th regular season win-save combination. 6/11/10, 4-3 win for the Yankees at the stadium (6/11) was 67th regular season win-save. July 8, 2010 in Seattle was #68.  


6/8/13, Andy in the 4th v Mariners, final 3-1 Yankees, ap. His 250th regular season win.


6/18/13, Andy v Mariners, final 3-1 Yankees, ap. Regular season win #250 for Andy.

6/8/13, Andy comes out of the game v Mariners in the 8th, getty

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