Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Rivera v Dodgers at the Stadium

6/19/13, Rivera v Dodgers, final 6-4 Yankees, epa photo

6/19/13, Rivera and Chris Stewart after 6-4 win v Dodgers, star-ledger, munson

6/19/13, "Christ Stewart pumps his fist as Yasiel Puig strikes out looking against Mariano Rivera to end the game as the Los Angeles Dodgers visit the New York Yankees," final 6-4 Yankees, star-ledger, munson

6/19.13, Puig strikes out, Stewart tags him, final 6-4 Yankees, mlb/yes network photo

6/19/13, "Rivera proves, again, he still has it,", Wallace Matthews

"At its essence, a baseball game is a series of one-on-one confrontations, and in their last two games, the Yankees have finished up with two of the most compelling the game has to offer....In both cases, the winner and still champion was Rivera."...

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