Sunday, September 22, 2013


On Rivera's day


9/22/13, Rivera and his wife Clara enter Yankee dugout after ceremony, final 2-1 SF Giants, 1.2IP by Rivera, getty

9/22/13, Rivera enters from the bullpen during his ceremony, final 2-1 SF Giants, 1.2 IP by Rivera, reuters

9/22/13, Yankee dugout in the 8th, Pettitte having just joined them from the field, final 2-1 SF Giants, 1.2 IP by Rivera, getty

9/22/13, Rivera sits in rocking chair of baseball bats presented by Jeter and Girardi. Rivera's 3 sons are at left, Jackie Robinson's widow, Rachel, and his daughter, Sharon, are at right. photo, the great Barton Silverman, NY Times. "A final bow for Rivera," NYT

9/22/13, Above, Rivera speaks at his ceremony, Reuters

9/22/13, Pettitte waves to fans who demanded curtain call, Reuters

9/22/13, Jeter hugs Andy Pettitte after he comes off the field in the 8th, getty

9/22/13, Andy Pettitte waves to fans in the 8th who demanded a curtain call, final 2-1 SF Giants, getty

9/22/13, Fans wearing #42 shirts wait to enter Yankee Stadium, final 2-1 SF Giants, 1.2IP by Rivera, reuters


9/22/13, "Metallica performs at Yankee Stadium to honor Mariano Rivera," Exit Sandman," USA Today, by Nick Schwartz


Rivera and Andy running, date unknown, via ESPN 9/22/13, "First Pitch: The end of an era?," Munson, Star Ledger, USA Today Sports

9/22/13, Jeter, Mo, Matsui, Cano, after Rivera speech at his retirement ceremony at the Stadium, reuters

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