Friday, September 27, 2013


Rivera's last night at Yankee Stadium


9/26/13, Rivera's last entrance from Yankee bullpen, Getty. final 4-0 Rays

9/26/13, "The crowd stands, cheers and takes photos as New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera enters the game against the Tampa Bay Rays during the eighth inning at Yankee Stadium in New York. It was Rivera's final appearance at the Stadium," Reuters.

9/26/13, Pettitte and Jeter relieve Rivera in the 9th on his last night in Yankee Stadium, Reuters

9/26/13, Rivera leaves the field in the 9th for the last time at Yankee Stadium, Getty

9/26/13, Rivera leaps to catch a ball hit by Tampa Bay Rays batter Jose Lobaton in the 9th. Rivera threw Lobaton out,  Reuters. final 4-0 Rays

 Above 10 pictures by AP, 9/26/13

9/26/13, Rivera goes through bullpen door at Yankee Stadium for last time, getty (will try and get link back)

9/26/13, Rivera leaves the field with dirt from the mound in his right hand, reuters

9/26/13, Catcher JR Murphy, Rivera, and Pettitte, getty


9/27/13, "Mariano Rivera's Goodbye Turns Us All Into Blubbering Children," Deadspin, Bert Petchesky

MLB videos at link




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