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Bud Selig says of Mariano Rivera, "Clearly unequivocally, he's the greatest relief pitcher of all time."

10/24/13, "Mariano Rivera gets World Series sendoff at Fenway," USA Today, Steve Gardner

Ortiz and Rivera
"The now-former New York Yankees closer who retired at the end of this season, was presented the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award for his contributions to the game.

Rivera's numbers are staggering – a record 652 career saves, a 0.70 postseason ERA and 13 All-Star games, including the All-Star MVP award this year.

"Clearly unequivocally, he's the greatest relief pitcher of all time, and did it in a way that was remarkable," Commissioner Bud Selig said. "All records we have said are made to be broken, but this is one that I'm very confident will stand the test of time."

Rivera also holds the distinction of being the last player to wear the No. 42 that was officially retired in 1997 in honor of Jackie Robinson. "And he wore it with great class," Selig added, calling Rivera "one of our great stars of this generation."" USA Today, Deutsch

10/24/13, "Mariano Rivera given Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award," Newsday, Erik Boland, Boston

"Mariano Rivera said he is "happy" in retirement, with no plans to pitch again. But the former Yankees closer, who before World Series Game 2 was presented the Commissioner's Historic Achievement Award, couldn't help but crack a joke.

"I'm going to give another shot in the National League," Rivera said, referencing his farewell tour in which he received gifts in each visiting stadium.

Rivera, 43, posted 44 saves this season, his 19th, to extend his record to 652. "Clearly, unequivocally, he's the greatest relief pitcher of all time," commissioner Bud Selig said.

He added, "He became the face of baseball for this generation. And he did it in a way with so much class and so much dignity and so much honor that it couldn't help but make me as the commissioner of baseball proud to think that one of our great stars of this generation represented the game so beautifully."

Rivera, given a standing ovation when honored on the field just before first pitch, smiled and said when early February comes around -- when pitchers and catchers report -- "I'm going to go as far as I can go to where people don't play baseball."

But he didn't rule out stopping by spring training. "If I'm in Tampa, I will take a little half an hour to an hour to say hi to the boys," he said. "Why not? I love them. And that's what I have done my whole career. So they won't be strangers for me."" photo above ap, Rivera acknowledges the crowd in Boston prior to World Series game 2.

10/24/13, Rivera at Fenway Park before World Series game 2, screen shot from blog which also has videos from the event. "Mariano Rivera Honored One Last Time In Boston [Video]," Luis Mercado

10/24/13, Rivera smiles after being acknowledged before World Series game 2 in Boston, ap


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