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Remembering Dr. Jobe


7/1/12, Tommy John and Rivera chat before game at the Stadium v Chicago White Sox, Perlman, Star Ledger via USA Today Sports. via 3/7/14, "Dr. Frank Jobe, Tommy John and The Surgery That Changed Baseball," Yanks go yard, Matt Mirro

Dr. Jobe was Mariano Rivera's surgeon in 1992:

"Jobe who's surgery saved many pitchers career's, operated on Mariano Rivera's UCL in 1992. Although it wasn't technically "Tommy John Surgery", Dr. Jobe repaired Rivera''s frayed UCL and ultimately saved the all time saves leader's career. Before Tommy John Surgery, a pitchers career was ended by a UCL tear.

Jobe changed the game on September 25, 1974, when he performed the radical procedure on TJ. At the time, Jobe gave John a 5% chance of ever pitching again. John worked out with Dodger teammate Mike Marshall for almost two years. Marshall developed a new pitching motion for John that consisted of him not turning his right leg. John returned to the Dodgers in 1976 and posted a 10-10 record. John's recovery at the time was considered a miracle and Jobe was donned a savior. John went on to pitch 14 more seasons in the majors and compiled an impressive 164 victories, after the surgery.
John, pitched eight seasons for the New York Yankees. He was a two-time All Star and pitched in the 1981 World Series for the Bombers. John finished his 26 season career with a 288-231 record, a 3.34 ERA and 2235 strikeouts. "Today I lost a great friend'" John tweeted.

Jobe told the AP, that he was as surprised as anyone when John came back after the surgery:
When he did come back, I thought maybe we could do it on somebody else. I waited two years to try it on somebody else, but we had no idea that we could do it again. I had no idea it would do this. It startles me even today that it has done that. The doctors are recognizing the condition early enough to fix it and they are learning how to do the surgery so well. They rehab it, so that just not the arm, but the whole body gets better. 
"Dr Jobe's expertise as well as his enthusiasm to mentor his peers, made the national pastime stronger," said Baseball Commissioner, Bud Selig. Jobe saved countless careers with his revolutionary procedure. Former Cy Young Award winner, Orel Hershiser tweeted, "He changed my life! He saved my career!" "

3/7/14, "Tommy John Surgery’ Inventor Dr. Frank Jobe; Dies at 88,", Mike Warsaw


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