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LeBron James is no Mo. Final, 105-103 Rockets over Cavs: "They turned the game over to their Mariano Rivera and he struck out two batters but walked the winning run in with the bases loaded." Rich Winter

3/1/15, "LeBron James is no Mariano Rivera,", Rich Winter

"It seems like every-time I throw some love LeBron James' way, the man fails in a clutch situation like he did today. After throwing some love the Cavs way the other day suggesting we could just pencil the Cavs into the NBA finals, LeBron James missed two free throws at the end of the first overtime that would have won the game.

Had he made one, ONE freaking free-throw the game likely would have gone to a second overtime. Make two, it's over, you win.

Bird woulda made both...Magic, Jordan...etc.. First of all, that was the best NBA game I've seen all year, hands down!

The tussle between LeBron and Harden got things started, and for the next 30 minutes, the bodies were hitting the floor as people were d-ing up and getting hit when they went to the hole.

Cleveland was down by ten and I looked up and they were tied.

Alright, I give some love to Cleveland for showing some resolve after getting hit in the mouth. I watched the entire fourth quarter and I gotta say, Cleveland's offense and LeBron's inability to finish were both terrible.

For the last four minutes of the game, the Cleveland game plan was get it to LeBron and get outa the way. No ball movement, no one else on the offense even remotely involved.

That would have been great if Jordan woulda been the guy being isolated for. Instead it was LeBron James and time and again the King beat his man to the hoop, only to get swatted or fouled.

You can live without the occasional finish, but not when your team's finisher is shooting 3-11 from the free-throw line.

He stepped to the line eleven times and made three. Make 7-11 and the game is over...Make 10-11 and you probably win by 15.

Meaningless regular season game and you can say, well Kyrie Irving didn't play. Oh yeah, Dwight Howard didn't play either.

I've tapped into this idea that LeBron James is just not the classic closer a few times and it always makes Bron fans bristle a little bit. I watched those NBA Championships in Miami, and neat LeBron did a lot of the hefty lifting, but when the lights got brightest it was Mike Miller or D-Wade or Ray Allen.

The first title might not have been, save for Mike Miller and the second, well, Ray Allen baby. Today was the first game of the NBA season that I saw some fight as two teams really battled.

After the team fought back to get back in the game, they turned the game over to their Mariano Rivera and he struck out two batters but walked the winning run in with the bases loaded.

LeBron is the supreme being on the basketball court, but dayum if he don't shrink from the spotlight when it shines it's brightest.

Jordan would finished that game.....Rockets 105-103

Smoke that Cleveland fans!"


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