Friday, March 25, 2016


Mariano Rivera a guest instructor at Yankee Spring Training


Above, 3/24/16, "Mariano Rivera observes bullpen sessions," Brendan Kuty, Star Ledger

3/24/16, "Mo is here, btw"...Brendan Kuty, Srat Ledger, Tampa, Fla.

3/25/16, "A retired Mariano Rivera still likes shagging baseballs," CBS Sports, R.J. Anderson

"Mariano Rivera's career-long fondness for shagging balls during batting practice was no secret -- after all, that's how he tore his ACL in 2013. But Rivera didn't let the injury affect his routine back then, and even now-as a 46-year-old guest instructor two whole seasons into retirement-he can't help but to indulge himself by chasing after BP flyballs.

Here's the video evidence, courtesy of Brendan Kuty of the Star-Ledger:

Laugh at Rivera's inability to complete the transaction if you'd like, but keep in mind that he could still strike you out. Besides, it's nice knowing that love -- or at least the special kind of love an all-time great shares with batting practice baseballs -- is eternal.

He hasn't aged a day. (USATSI)"


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